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Indian Equity Market

The Indian Equity Market is also the other name for Indian share market or Indian stock market. The forces of the market depend on monsoons, global fundings flowing into equities in the market and the performance of various companies. The Indian market of equities is transacted on the basis of two major stock indices, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. (NSE) and The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), the trading being carried on in a dematerialized form. The physical stocks are in liquid form and cannot be sold by the investors in any market. Two types of funds are there in the Indian Equity Market, Venture Capital Funds and Private Equity Funds.

The equity indexes are correlated beyond the boundaries of different countries with their exposure to common calamities like monsoon which would affect both India and Bangladesh or trade integration policies and close connection with the foreign investors. From 1995 onwards, both in terms of trade integration and FIIs India has made an advance. All these have established a close relationship between the stock market indexes of India stock market and those of other countries. The Stock derivatives adds up all futures and options on all individual stocks. This stock index derivatives was found to have gone up from 12 % of NSE derivatives turnover in 2002 to 35 % in 2004. the Indian Equity Market also comprise of the Debt Market, dominated by primary dealers, banks and wholesale investors.

Indian Equity Market at present is a lucrative field for the investors and investing in Indian stocks are profitable for not only the long and medium-term investors, but also the position traders, short-term swing traders and also very short term intra-day traders. In terms of market capitalization, there are over 2500 companies in the BSE chart list with the Reliance Industries Limited at the top. The SENSEX today has rose from 1000 levels to 8000 levels providing a profitable business to all those who had been investing in the Indian Equity Market. There are about 22 stock exchanges in India which regulates the market trends of different stocks. Generally the bigger companies are listed with the NSE and the BSE, but there is the OTCEI or the Over the Counter Exchange of India, which lists the medium and small sized companies. There is the SEBI or the Securities and Exchange Board of India which supervises the functioning of the stock markets in India.

In the Indian market scenario, the large FMCG companies reached the top line with a double-digit growth, with their shares being attractive for investing in the Indian stock market. Such companies like the Tata Tea, Britannia, to name a few, has been providing a bustling business for the Indian share market. Other leading houses offering equally beneficial stocks for investing in Indian Equity Market, of the SENSEX chart are the two-wheeler and three-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto and second largest software exporter Infosys Technologies.

Other than some restricted industries, foreign investment in general enjoys a majority share in the Indian Equity Market. Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) need to register themselves with the SEBI and the RBI for operating in Indian stock exchanges. In fact from the Indian stock market analysis it is known that in some specific industries foreigners can have even 100% shares. In the last few years with the facility of the Online Stock Market Trading in India, it has been very convenient for the FIIs to trade in the Indian stock market. From an analysis on the Indian Equity Market it can be said that the increase in the foreign investments over the years no doubt have accentuated the dynamism of the Indian market of equities. Foreign investors are allowed to buy Indian equity for the purpose of converting the equity into ADR or GDR.

Thus, the growing financial capital markets of India being encouraged by domestic and foreign investments is becoming a profitable business more with each day. If all the economic parameters are unchanged Indian Equity Market will be conducive for the growth of private equities and this will lead to an overall improvement in the Indian economy.



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