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Banking Law

Banking law is governed by both state and federal banking law. The banking law may vary from place to place. However, a banking law addresses similar norms.

There are certain banking law regulators. The articles denote the banking law legal framework.

The banking law is divided into the following:

General provisions

Article 1 to article 5 included under the banking law section 1.These articles govern the establishment, operations, termination and supervision of the bank is taken care of.

The different terms are also explained. The terms include bank, postal bank, banking activities, deposit, subsidiary, significant interest etc.

Bank founding

  • Bank founding

Article 6 to article 26 is included under banking law section 2 of the banking law. Article 9 is not valid anymore.

  • Supervisory standards

Article no.27 to article 43 of the banking law govern the supervisory standards of a bank.

  • Financial activities

Article no. 44 to article no.53 of the banking law dealing with financial activities are governed by the above articles.

  • Bank bodies and bank management

Article no.55 to article no.68 is included in the bank bodies and bank management of the banking law.

  • Accounting and auditing in banks.

Article 69 to article 76 of the banking law govern accounting and auditing management.

  • Supervision and surveillance

Banking law include article 77 to article 80.

  • Control of the genuineness in the functioning s of legal entities and natural persons.

Banking law include article 81 and article 82.

  • Business secret
Banking law include article 83 and article 84.
  • Steps to improve the conditions of a bank.
Banking law include article 85 to 99.
  • Bankruptcy proceeding:
Article no 100 to article 112.
  • Liquidation method:
Article 113 to 116.
  • Penalty clauses:
Banking law include article 117 to 121.
  • Transitional and closing provisions:


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