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CIA Exam Questions -- Information Systems Environment

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CIA Exam Questions -- Information Systems Environment

1. A management information system
a. Can only exist with computers
b. Primarily processes data and produces reports
c. Supports the operations, management and decision making functions in an organization
d. Is a single large system in an organization

2. Early decision models used with structured decisions, such as intentory reordering and production scheduling, emphasized finding the structure of the decision and programming as much of it as possible. More recent models have been developed to support unstructured decision process. Models of the latter type are called
a. Decision support systems
b. Management information systems
c. Systems analysis techniques
d. Rational decision models

3. The managemeng of information systems is experiencing a transition from an emphasis on information processing to an emphasis on information resources management. Which of the following choices best describes the scope of information resources management?
a. Computer operations, applications development, technical services and corporate database.
b. Data communications, voice communications and local area networks.
c. External data services, word processing and intelligent workstations
d. Data processing, telecommunications and office automation.

4. Who is ultimately responsible for the implementation of cost-effective controls in an automated system?
a. The director of internal auditing
b. Operating management
c. The computer processing audit manager
d. The control group in the computer processing department.

5. Management activities can be classified in three levels: strategic planning, management control and operational control. Information requirements vary with the level of management activity. Which of the following best describes the information requirements for strategic planning?
a. Frequent use, external, aggregate information
b. Future-oriented, outdated, detailed information
c. Highly current, accurate, largely internal information
d. Wide scope, aggregate, future-oriented information.

6. The most common computer-related problem confronting organizations is
a. Hardware malfunction
b. Input errors and omissions
c. Disruption to computer processing caused by natural disasters
d. Fraud

7. Which of the following statements concerning computer controls is false?
a. A computer control may reduce exposure by minimizing potentially harmful effects or by reduing the probable frequency of the occurrence
b. The use of a computer to process data significantly changes the basic concepts and objectives of control relevant to the organization
c. Controls over computerized systems are at least as important as controls over comparable manual systems
d. The automation of data processing activities changes the degrees of effectiveness and appropriateness of the controls that were in existence prior to the time of automation

8. A medium-sized firm, experienced in the development and use of accounting information systems (AIS), is planning to develop the firm's first decision support system (DSS). Compared to an AIS, a DSS
a. Is essentially the same
b. Does not use accounting data
c. Is more interactive
d. Is used only by top management

9. Expert systems consist of
a. Software packages with the ability to make judgment decisions
b. A panel of outside consultants
c. Hardware designed to make judgment decisions
d. Hardware and software used to automate routine tasks

CIA Exam Answers -- Information System Environment
  1. C
  2. A
  3. D
  4. B
  5. D
  6. B
  7. B
  8. C
  9. A

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