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CIA Exam Questions -- Hardware Concepts

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CIA Exam Questions -- Hardware Concepts

1. Many organizations are using microcomputers for business purposes. In comparison with large-scale computers, microcomputers
a. Are usually more reliable cecause there is less hardware to malfunction
b. Use only compiler-based languages, such as COBOL or FORTRAN
c. Cannot be connected to large-scale computers
d. None of the above

2. Which of the following computer hardware devices allows for an immediate update of merchandise inventory in a retail environment?
a. Inventory control terminal
b. Cathode ray tube (CRT) terminal
c. Video display terminal
d. Point-of-sale terminal

3. Some taxpayers complete the tax return forms by hand-writing block style letters and numbers in designated areas on the forms. The characters will most likely be translated into machine-readable form by
a. Keydisk
c. OCR
d. POS

4. Normally, the least expensive and most efficient way to store large amounts of computer data that are accessed only occasionally is
a. RAM
b. Magnetic disk
c. Magnetic tape
d. 80-column cards

5. A piece of hardware that takes the computer's digital information and transforms it into signals that can be sent over ordinary telephone lines is called a(n)
a. Terminal emulator
b. Communications control unit
c. Intelligent terminal
d. Modem

6. Today many microcomputers have both a floppy disk drive and a hard disk drive. The major difference between the two types of storage is that a hard disk
a. Has a much larger storage capacity than a floppy disk and can also access information much more quickly
b. Is a direct-access storage medium, whereas a floppy disk is a sequential-access storage medium
c. Provides an automatic audit trail, whereas a floppy disk does not
d. Is suitable for an online system, whereas a floppy disk is not

7. If a workstation contains a processor, monitor, printer, storage, and communications capabilities, it is said to be a(n)
a. Dumb workstation
b. Intelligent workstation
c. Noninteractive workstation
d. Desktop publishing workstation

8. A company experienced a power surge during a recent electrical storm. Lacking adequate surge protection, the company discovered that data in internal memory banks were scrambled beyond recovery. The system component involved in the incident would correctly be described as
a. A secondary storage device
b. An online workstation
c. RAM
d. A modem

9. Uninterruptible power supplies are used in computer centers to reduce the likelihood of
a. Failing to control concurrent access to data
b. Losing data stored in main memory
c. Dropping bits in data transmission
d. Crashing disk drive read-write heads

10. Which of the following is a device used in a data communications system to interleave the slow data transmissions of many different terminal devices to fully use the capacity of a medium- or high-speed data communication line?
a. Multiplexor
b. Modem
c. Coaxial cable
d. Bus

11. The ability of a computer to call into primary storage only that portion of a program and data needed immediately while storing the remaining portions in an auxiliary storage device is commonly called
a. Compiling
b. Multiplexor channeling
c. Real-time processing
d. Virtual storage

12. Which of the following measures would indicate the computational power of a microprocessor?
a. Capacity of the hard disk
b. Main memory storage capacity
c. Number of bits processed per second
d. Read only memory

CIA Exam Answers -- Hardware Concepts
  1. D
  2. D
  3. C
  4. C
  5. D
  6. A
  7. B
  8. C
  9. B
  10. A
  11. D
  12. C


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